ISPS Status


The Gambia Ports Authority in acknowledgement of its responsibilities under SOLAS Chap. XI 1 & 2 and the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code Parts A & B, are committed to pursuing the goals, ideals, and best practices established by the international maritime community in order to contribute to achieving the overall objective of having a safe, secure and competitive port.

As a security-regulated port complying with the maritime security regulations of 2004 (ISPS Code): –
(ITSM, please insert specimen of ISPS Pass)

  • All Persons wishing to enter Banjul Port Facility must, when required or requested, be able to prove identity by a valid ISPS Pass or any means acceptable to the Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO).

  • In line with Access Control provisions, you may be required to submit yourself, your baggage, and your vehicle to search prior to entering or leaving the Port Facility.
  • Failure to consent to security measures will result in denial or revocation of authorization to proceed

 Do not enter Restricted Areas unless permitted!

No Firearms or ammunition are allowed!

   It is forbidden to film or take photographs on the Port Facility premises without authorization

 No Alcohol or banned substances are allowed!

 QUICKLY call on 00220 9962824/3080423 (Port Facility Security Officer) or seaport Police to report all security incidents.

  • Please take note of the Maritime Security Level of the Port Facility at any given time and know your task (s) at each Security Level.
  • Ship Agents or chandlers are required to give at least 24-hrs advance notifications to the PFSO for authorization to carry out crew change or ship stores (bunkers, spare parts, etc.)

 use emergency exits and escape routes in case of an emergency

 quickly report at the designated assembly point in case of an emergency for a head count.