The Port Electrical Engineers/Electricians

The Port Electrical Engineer/Electrician

He shall be responsible for all matters concerning electricity connections, supply, distribution, and usage within the Port Estate. He shall ensure that all workplaces – terminals, offices, and workshops are well-lit.

4.1 Port Security Manager

He shall have the overall responsibility to enforce the use of PPE by all employees and port users and ensure that activities are undertaken in compliance with the Health, Safety, and Environment Policy of the Authority. He shall protect life and property against assault, damage, and sabotage within the Port. He shall ensure that only vehicles and equipment that meet the Authority’s safety and environment standards enter the port. He shall also enforce a safe code of driving and no smoking regulations in the port.

4.2 Deputy Director of Training and Development

He shall be responsible for coordinating with all Department Heads to ensure training programs are developed for all employees towards higher safety and health standards in the Port.

4.3 Port Workers 

All port workers shall cooperate with the Authority and its officers in matters relating to occupational health, safety, and environment. They are to take reasonable care of their own health and safety and report all occupational health and safety concerns to the appropriate officers detailed in this policy document.


The Authority recognizes that the views and active involvement of employees and port users are critical in the successful implementation of the Health, Safety, and Environment Policy of the Authority

To this end, there shall be instituted a Port Safety Council, Port Safety Steering Committees, and Unit Safety Committees. Membership and function of these bodies shall include following:

4.5.1  Membership of the Port Safety Council 
1. Managing Director Chairman
2. Deputy Managing Director Member
3. Director of Human Resources and Admin Member
4. Director of Finance Member
5. Director of Traffic Operations &  Logistics Member
6. Director of Technical Services Member
7. Director of Maritime and Shipping Services Member
8. Director of Habours & Maritime Services Member
9. Director of Operations – Ferries Member
10. Director of Revenue Generation- Ferries Member
11. Director of Technical Services- Ferries Member
12. Security Manager Member
13. State Security Agencies Member
14. DPMCP Member
15. GM- Banjul Shipyard Member
16. Director- Banjul Shipyard Member
17. GM- Banjul Fisheries Jetty Member
18. Director of Technical Services Member
19. Security Manager Member
20. State Security Agencies Member
4.5.2 Functions of the Port Safety Council

The Port Safety Council shall meet quarterly and shall be responsible for:

  1. The development of strategies and plans for the implementation of the Health, Safety, and Environment Policy of the Authority.
  2. The setting up of Health, Safety and Environment objectives for the Port, and its /users.
  3. Conduct an audit of the health, safety, and environment management system of the Ports.
  4. Evaluate the policies, strategies, and programs of the Health, Safety, and Environment Management System for improvement
4.6.1 Membership of the Port Safety Steering Committee

The following shall form the membership of the Steering Committees for their respective stations of operations: 

1. Deputy Managing Director Chairman
2. DHMS Technical Advisor
3. Head of Medical Services Medical Advisor
4. DOPTL Operations Advisor
5. Safety Manager Member/Secretary
6. SMECE Member/Asst. Secretary
7. Admin and Human Resources Manager Member
8. Representative of the Staff Association Member
9. Electrical Engineer Member
10. Mechanical Engineer Member
11. Ferries-Technical Manager Member
12. Banjul Shipyard Manager Member
13. Security Manager Member
14. A representative of Shipping Agents Member
15. State Security Agencies Member
16. Rep. Dockworkers Union Member
 4.6.2  Functions of the Port Safety Steering Committee

The Safety Steering Committee shall perform the following functions:

  1. Implement decisions of the Port Safety Council
  2. Review Port Health, Safety, and Environment Plans
  3. Set targets for continuous improvement in the health and safety performance, ensuring resources are available to help achieve those targets and reporting to the port safety Council on progress at least -annually.
  4. Undertake periodic inspections of activities at terminals, workshops, and other work locations to determine compliance with safety regulations, procedures, and practices.
  5. Disseminate information on health, safety, and environment issues in the Port.
  6. Recommend appropriate safety equipment
  7. Recommend sanctions against infringement of safety regulations, rules, and procedures.

All departments of the Authority and all port operators whose functions carry major risks shall form Unit Safety Committees. The following departments of the Authority shall each form Unit Safety Committees.

  1. Estate and Civil Engineering
  2. Plant and Equipment operations
  3. Banjul Shipyard
  4. Ferries (Terminal)
  5. Traffic
  6. Harbors
  7. Container Terminal
  8. Stevedoring Section
  9. Security
4.7.1  Membership of the Unit Safety Committees       
  1. A Unit Safety Committee shall consist of appointed Senior and Junior Officers. It shall comprise of a minimum of three (3) members including, when feasible, representatives from the Unions.
  2. The Committee shall be chaired by the Head of Department/ Section who will provide the necessary direction in the implementation of the Authority’s Safety Policy at the functional level.
  3. Membership to the committee shall where possible, be rotated among the staff so that in the long run every employee will appreciate the role of Safety. This shall help reinforce their personal commitment to Safety.
  4. Appointed members should, where possible, serve a two-year term.
 4.7.2 Functions of the Unit Safety Committees

The Unit Safety Committee shall meet once every month to discuss matters relating to industrial health, safety, and environment in the Department/Section. A copy of the minutes of the meetings shall be sent to the Safety Manager within seven (7) days. The Committee shall undertake the following functions.

  1. Carry out and implement the decisions of the Port Safety Steering Committee and work closely with the Safety Department on matters relating to industrial health, safety, and the environment.
  2. Conduct inspections of the workplace to identify safety, health, and environmental hazards and make appropriate recommendations.
  3. Carry out regular inspections of the work environment to identify breaches of safety regulations, procedures, and standards and take corrective action.
  4. Undertake inspections of the workplace immediately after an accident/incident is reported to establish causes and circumstances and recommend preventive measures.
  5. Maintain statistics on accidents.
  6. Review and update work systems, practices, safety guidelines, safety rules, and safety checklists, to ensure their relevance and applicability to changing working conditions and circumstances.
  7. Submit quarterly reports highlighting the activities and programs of the Committee to the Safety Manager. The reports should be submitted no later than the close of the month of the relevant quarter.