In a bid to make customer experience more favourable, the Gambia Ports Authority is embarking on a massive transformation agenda that seeks to usher in the digitalization of all processes involved in the clearing of containerized goods from the ports, among others. One of these digitalization agenda is the implementation of a digital platform for the Shore Handling Revenue Collection called The Shore Handling Revenue Collection System, which is a web-based IT System, which has since its introduction greatly improved transparency as well as revenue generation.

In addition, another component of the shore handling system being added is the Electronic Delivery Order (eDO). This system will allow customers involved in container clearing to receive a copy of their DOs directly in their emails after being generated electronically by the various shipping lines. They will now be required to print and bring along copies of their DOs for the clearing process. It is important to highlight that this has the potential to drastically minimize paper transactions.
The GPA is also championing the use of Electronic Gate Pass (eGate Pass), which is the document that allows goods to exit the gate complex. This is important in capturing relevant information needed for port planning and also for audit purposes. Management therefore, implores the port community to help make the Ports a more viable commercial establishment by making use of these new services.

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