GPA Board and Management held a two day Retreat from the 10th to the 11th October 2023 at the African Princess Hotel. The retreat presented the opportunity for stock taking on the gains registered, challenges that lie ahead, and how the Board and Management can collectively sustain those gains as well as proffer tangible solutions to address the challenges to sustain and improve port service delivery.

It also provided an opportunity for Heads of Departments to present their 2024 budget proposals for the consideration of the Board.

Other policy issues were also discussed, which include the new GPA Act, the Corporate Strategic Plan 2024 to 2028, to replace the just expired 2019 to 2023 Plan, the NAO Report on the Revenue Leakage at the Traffic Department, the Internal Audit Reports from 2022 to June 2023 considered by the newly constituted Board Audit Committee and a Draft Investment Policy.

These policy documents were treated against the backdrop of the evolving governance instruments at Government level, such as the new SOE Bill, the Performance Contract between Government and the Authority, the newly established SOE Commission as well as the changing circumstances within the maritime sector that the port operates.



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